These FAQ’s are in transition, partially because this page is old and the WordPress software has been updated, but also because of additional anti-spam measures added to this site.

How do I become a registered user?

In the meta section at the lower right of any page, click on “register” (if you don’t see the “register” item, you are probably already registered).  We occasionally move around the “meta section” but as of this update, it is in the right hand column, towards the bottom, so you will need to scroll down.

If you happen to be staring at a login screen already, below the password field you will see the word “register”.  Simply click on either.  You will be asked for an email address and a user name.  A profile will be created and a link from which to continue registration will be returned by e-mail. If you don’t hear from us after a day, check your “spam bucket” or try again.

If your username or email address are already in use, you will be rejected immediately, you must use unique ones. However, if you simply forgot part of what you did last time, please contact us since we prefer to update your account rather than having you proliferate them.

How do I add comments?

When reading a complete article, and not just the synopsis on the front page, you will see a box at the end titled “Leave a Reply.”  Enter your comment in the box and press the button labeled “Submit Comment.”  If you don’t see the box, you are probably not logged in.

Your comment will not appear until it is reviewed by an editor. Nothing annoys and editor more than redundant comments. Your submission may take up to a day, so please be patient.

You have to be a registered user, and logged in to add comments.

How do I log in?

If you have already registered, you can log in by providing your user name and password to the LOGIN panel that pops up when you click “Log in” in the meta section.  If you check the box titled “Remember Me” in the LOGIN panel, the site will remember you and log-in automatically when you next visit. However, this feature only works if your browser “saves cookies” between sessions. You should be aware that cookies have frequently been involved in internet indentity thefts and we discourage their use on mobile devices.

How do I know if I’m logged in?

At the top of each page, on the right, you will see : Howdy, followed by your user name.

How do I change my password?

When you log in, click the “Lost your Password?” at the bottom of the login screen. Fill in your user name or email address and the Capcha. A password reset link will be emailed to you.

If you are already logged in, hover or click your mouse on the “Howdy: message at the top of each page, on the right, until “Edit My Profile” become visible.  Click on that and depending on account privileges you can change any detail other than username. If you want to change how your username is displayed, you may also do that. Unfortunately, this may later lead to confusion so we don’t recommend it.

How do I get notified when there are new articles?

Use the menu on the front page to select Gazette/subscribe. Simply fill out the form and wait at least 24 hours. If there is something new posted on the web site, you’ll get a email summarizing the new posts.

This may be obvious, but after filling in the form, you must finish with the “submit” button at the bottom. The system will confirm it has logged your request

The subscription form is also the unsubscription form, fill out the form and select “unsubcribe” if you no longer wish to receive notifications.

What does the email notification system send and when?

If something is posted to the site, an email will be sent out that summarizes all of the new articles and letters.   It might contain a summary and a pointer to a single post, or summaries for over a dozen on the day a new issue is published.  If there are no posts on a given day, no email will be sent.

When does the email notification come out?  How do I set up my spam filter.

The mail will come from gazette@coldhaus.com and the mail’s subject will contain ‘Mason NH Gazette’ and the title of the most recent post.  If you include gazette@coldhaus.com in your address book or white list, you should have no trouble getting the emails.  If you don’t get an email, it may simply be that there were no posts on that day.

How do I upload an image, or avatar for my comments?

Managing an online presence is becoming a full time job.  Rather than requiring you to keep track of another online image, we’ve added automatic support for Gravatars, which are globally recognized Avatars.  You simply create an account at Gravatar.com, upload an image and associate it with the email address you registered with here and we’ll handle the rest automatically.

I’ve got a dial-up connection.  Is there anyway to make the Gazette load faster?

Maybe.  But dialup is dying, contact your town officials and ask for a property tax reduction for a home without proper internet sevice, that will get their attention. Your town broadband committee may also have a recommendation for alternative services; but those may involve satellite dishes on the roof and cutting down any view obstructing trees.

If I add a comment and enter my email address will I become a SPAM target?

Possibly. We do not post user email addresses or site links unless asked to by you. Major email services like gmail, yahoo and others claim to protect you from SPAM. At least you have a place to complain if you become victim of it. They are usually pretty good at snuffing out the source.

What is the likelihood that a Gazette article will be found by a Web search.

Actually quite likely.  We have taken the time to optimize the site so that Search Engines like Google can find, index and classify content quickly and easily.  Over the past few months we have been improving our “standing” so that references in coldhaus.com appear on most Google searches.   So having your name in a gazette article might do wonders to improve your own personal Google ranking.

We have a town newsletter and would like to create a web site like yours.  Is there something available that can get us started?

The short answer is that WordPress is pretty easy set up and use. However, if you are completely new to the web, the intent behind the Mason NH Gazette is to foster local community involvement via the internet.  We make it possible for a small collaborative group to publish a local interactive community site with minimal training, management overhead or special resources.  If you are a local community newspaper, a small town newsletter, or a  non-profit school or community organization we can help.  Please send email to gazette@coldhaus.com to learn more.

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