Letter – Gwen Whitbeck, DEC and Olsen

Recently I have heard of a number of situations that I felt had a very sad outcome and treated people in a very poor manner. Oddly enough, that’s when I take a look at what is going on in so many lives today. Many of us are finding ourselves in difficult situations of not receiving raises for a number of years or having to find other employment which ends up being a huge step backwards or worse – facing long term unemployment.

One of the most memorable opportunities that came my way many years ago was to work for Digital Equipment Corporation. I had promised myself that I would never work for a large company and be turned into a number but in a short amount of time I realized that I was very fortunate to work with such talented and caring people. So many were trying to mold themselves after the founder, Ken Olsen. Ken could have walked around with his head up in the air, passing everyone without ever speaking. He could have pulled up to curb in a new Mercedes wearing an expensive suit with gold necklaces hanging from his neck. But no, he was just the opposite. He would speak with everyone. He realized that the people that worked “along with him” were his best asset. Without them he only had dreams. Each person, at any level, was equally important to him and was treated well.

If only everyone could be a little like “Ken Olsen” the world would be a better place.

Gwen Whitbeck

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