Musings About Signs

In one of our idle curmudgeon moments we took a screen shot of the Mason Elementary “School Board Policies” page and wondered how it might fit onto the newly proposed sign for the school district (see here).

But perhaps the idea of the sign is to leave no tracks. After all who’s going to question whether or not a notice was posted on the sign with it’s 4 to 6 lines of text a few weeks after said event occurs?

Currently the school board appears unwilling to publish the policies online, but maybe they’d warm up to the idea if it were on a physical sign? Before the current administration, prior boards did make an effort to publish online, but all of that “not invented here” work is no longer current nor even available.

The mock up is a hybrid web/physical sign. Of course, to work properly the display would have to be a something like an LCD and not plastic letters changed once a week. Then one might actually be able to “touch screen” the sign to update the contents to those of interest.

Or maybe the underlying technology could be the same and those of us that don’t care to drive downtown could get notices using the comfort of our own technology?

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