Between Ballot and Town Meeting Musings

Both SB2 warrant articles failed to get even a simple majority vote this year, never mind the 3/5ths needed to pass.

The only fly in the ointment is that we, who like to think of ourselves as having some scientific training, subscribe to a foolish consistency model of the world. However, the town warrant article desired to use the SB2 format for the town, the school district warrant article requested just the opposite. So again, Mason voters have decided on inconsistent foolishness?

Or maybe they just want a social occasion but don’t want to attend two great marathons?

Seems to us that town and school district meetings have different constituencies. But everybody gets a tax bill, so we can’t figure out the attendance rational either.

This year the school district’s deliberative session was again sparsely attended, which brings up the prospect that the voters wish to vote somewhere, but don’t necessarily feel strongly about where?

We also noticed that the SB2 tag hits on this site went up in the days before the election, so even with the great lack of political litter regarding that topic on our roads, at least some voters were obtaining information.

The best conclusion we can reach is that “NO to change” clearly won on both ballots and maybe “enough already” was the real message?

As an aside, we looked for some guidance in a 1960 report entitled:

of the
Officers and Committees
of the Town of
Mason, New Hampshire
For the Year Ending December

with the
For the Year Ending June 31, 1960

Yet even back then, two meetings were not combined and held on different days. But at least we know what’s in the report by reading the title. It also has a combined alphabetically sorted index, which makes finding specific reports incredibly easy. Now an index might actually be a suggestion for next year’s format?

By the way, the budget numbers back then might curl some of today’s toes (see here). Or at least provide a real world lesson regarding the effects of money value inflation, but that’s probably a topic for next Saturday.

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