MANE Starts Fundraiser

The loss of a beloved pet is always painful. When it comes to 1,000 lb+ animals with an expected lifespan of 30 years or so, it is no different. Often equine owners choose to euthanize an older horse when its quality of life becomes poor, and a sick or deceased horse that goes down in its stall leaves the owner with only so many options in removing it; one option being to disassemble the barn itself.

This winter a Mason resident lost an old friend who unfortunately died in her stall. Thankfully members of the Mason Fire Dept. and the Pepperell Fire Dept. were able to assist this horse owner. Pepperell has a piece of equipment called a rescue glide and is best described as a heavy duty, super slippery plastic sled. A large animal can be strapped onto it and be moved from just about anywhere. For example, a horse in need of transportation to a medical facility can be heavily sedated, then slid right onto a horse trailer and slid off upon reaching the facility.

Fire Chief Dave Baker saw the potential of this piece of equipment here in Mason, not only for horses but for any large animal needing assistance in various situations. With so many horses and other large animals in the area, MANE decided to do a fundraiser to purchase this glide and its accessories, which will cost approximately $2,000, including shipping. Upon purchase it will likely be kept at the Mason Fire Department. Interested members of the fire department and MANE will be trained in proper use of the equipment and it will be easily obtained when needed. Of course it will also allow them to step in like the Pepperell Fire Dept. to assist surrounding towns in similar situations. A full description of this equipment can be viewed at

MANE will be holding fundraising events, but if you are interesed in donating toward the purchase of the rescue glide, please make checks payable to MANE and send them to Deb Morrison, 254 Greenville Rd., Mason, NH 03048. Thank you for your support.

Amy J. Bergeron

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