Public Notice: Temple Planning Board

Pipeline Project Presentation by Mason’s Bob Dillberger
You Don’t Hear Much About This!” on compressor stations by Steve Wicks, videographer

Wednesday, February 18 at 7:30 PM in Temple at the Town Hall
Sponsored by Temple Planning Board and Stop the Pipeline!

An 80,000 hp compressor station is proposed for Mason, Greenville or western New Ipswich. This will be the largest one constructed in this area of the country! Noise, lights and “blow offs” will destroy surroundings 24 / 7 / 365 from a 20+ acre industrial park on a 75 acre parcel. Every Mason residents needs to learn more as this will radically alter our beautiful little town forever.

Clean air, private wells with good water, quiet, dark skies……all of this is at risk if the pipeline project is approved.

Questions? Contact Barbara DeVore at or 732.3761

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  1. Wentworth
    February 16, 2015 at 10:53

    In the interests of full information/disclosure (which is something rare from either side), we’ve included the following:

    Location Map Block Lot Unit Owner’s Name Land Area Land Value Building Value Total Value

    37-41 TENNESSEE DRIVE 1 5 111 TENNESSEE GAS PIPLINE CO. 11.62 1,240,700 4,918,900 6,159,600

    Source Pelham assessed valuations 2013. This is the valuation for a property and 6,130 HP compressor station which is already in service. Proposed Market Path Mid Station 4, one of the topics for this meeting, is specified at 80,000 HP and sited on a larger parcel; so would presumably have a greater assessed value. For a map view of the proposed location, see here

    Valuations are frequently contentious, so there’s no claims being made.

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