Achievers: Barbara Milkovits

Old soldiers never die, some refuse to be old and don’t fade away! We’ve cobbled together a few photos and emails that we’ve received since the town’s former administrative assitant Barbara Milkovits’ “retirement”. Not exactly sure we’d call it retirement though.

On the positive side I am so enjoying retirement. I’m starting to work with Marty down in the shop and I’ve learned how to veneer,rough cuts, finish cutting, sanding, glue ups, turning tenons, etc. it’s really great using my hands and mind and creating things. And we’re also getting active with the Coast Guard auxiliary. I am now the flotilla staff officer of public affairs. I’m not sure yet exactly what my job is but I’m sure they’ll tell me!

I’m attaching the picture of Marty and I on our brand-new Indian motorcycle down in Ocala Florida. It was a great trip and I’m so glad we were able to do it.

Life is still good after the town office. Marty and I got our uniforms for the Coast Guard Auxiliary. As soon as we get the pants hemmed, I’ll get a picture taken for the Gazette, if that’s okay? We start the Boat Crew course next month. It’ll be pretty intense learning all about the boats, knots, plotting a course, first aid, etc. after we pass this course, our mentor will take us out on his 36′ trawler to patrol Narragansett Bay. Pretty cool, huh?!

Take care and stay warm! Marty’s still snow plowing through the drifts.

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