2015 Mason Warrant Articles

At their January 20, 2015 Work Session the selectmen received two petition articles with sufficient signatures as verified by the supervisors of the check list to be placed on the warrant.

The first a repeat of prior years to have the town to adopt an SB2 form of government. Brief explanation here.

The second a petition, possibly inspired by www.democracyisforpeople.org, that calls for support of a constitutional amendment to rescind the effect of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling.

The selectmen have not yet finalized their own articles, but anticipate the following:

  • New backhoe funding for the higway department
  • Insulation for the higway department barn
  • Paved road improvement article
  • Air packs for the fire department
  • Building fund for the fire department
  • Cruiser for the police department
  • Pipeline opposition
  • Funding for pipeline opposition (see here).

Aside from the pipeline items, dollar amounts might be similar to those voted last year (when not all passed). This list is not conclusive but should be discussed at a Town Budget hearing on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 8:00 p.m at 16 Darling Hill Rd. with actual proposed amounts and the final budget determined by then.

This article has been updated to reflect a new start time and actual address found in the published ad in the Ledger

1 comment for “2015 Mason Warrant Articles

  1. Miss Scarlett
    January 21, 2015 at 14:20

    Insulation for the highway barn tin can? After the Selectmen have no doubt reviewed the engineers report, (which I hope will be made available to voters for review) they are still considering using it for more than scrap metal? The highway department employees deserve a structurally sound and warm building to work in. Have the highway employees had any input or is it another attempt by the Selectmen to micromanage the department? We have seen the effects of micromanagement during the last icecapade where the highway department was left to sand the town with 2 working sanders. I hope our town leaders learn to trust their department heads to do their job, they did hire them. It would allow the Selectmen to focus on other important matters.

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