Open Position: Building Inspector

For several Mason selectmen’s meetings we’ve heard that the building inspector’s position is open and will be advertised; but no advertisement has yet surfaced.

We are having difficulty understanding why filling this position is in slow mode, after all, it is (was?) a self funded position (by fees) and the town does not save any salary or benefits money by keeping it open. Perhaps the job description isn’t done yet?

Also the town web site maintenance has been a little thin since the arrival of the web master’s new baby. So maybe the job advertisement is written but not yet posted? Babies are of course a fact of life, but insufficient employee backup to get a job done should not be. Yet quite possibly an ad will appear immediately after we post this.

The selectmen would prefer an inspector with past experience (no mention of a college degree requirement has surfaced yet). We’ve also heard a comment or two that a person not living in town, who presumably would not be subject to constituency pressure, would be ideal. Poaching sharing an inspector with an adjoining town has also been entertained.

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