Mold (complaints for real)

In a prior story we mentioned the ongoing saga of the bad smell in the Town Office Building. Last Saturday things came to a head in a big way. Eric Anderson, the Deputy Town Health Officer (and also Town Building Inspector) physically removed the primary offending unit and attempted to air out the building.

Unfortunately the following Monday, we attended a zoning board of adjustment meeting, and noticed both the smell and the fact that the selectman’s office door was now wide open. However, whatever other windows and doors Eric had left open now appeared to be closed.

Reaction to mold varies… until repeated exposure results in one developing an allergy to it… at which point even small quatitities can set off reactions. We thought the place smelled like a plastic shower curtain that had been left up past its prime; the board of adjustment members seemed not to notice at all. So call us allergic.

However, we have company in the allergic group. Ms. Milkovits, the Town’s Administrative Assistant, has been raising the alarm for quite some time. According to Ms. Milkovits and Mr. Anderson, last week her opthamologist confirmed there was an issue with her eyes.

Kudos to Mr. Anderson for taking immediate action.

Nice penny pinching selectmen! We are reminded of the ongoing saga of the Mascenic’s SAU headquarters and the never ending series of “tests” to ascertain the validity of the occupant’s complaints. We hope that whatever the selectmen wish to call the air conditioner infestation, a concerted airing out works. If it gets into other parts of the building more expensive options may await Mason in the future.

Did anyone mention “highway barn”? Luckily that is not typically occupied for long periods and has really big doors on both ends…

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