Town Clerk’s June 10, 2014 Statement

You will need to have some prior context to interpret the full contents of the town clerk’s statement. We chose not to mix the message and interpret those here; however, prior comments to the Grapevine are archived on this site as well as at

We do however ask that you not shoot the messenger. In our opinion, the town clerk was and is only trying to do the right thing.

We leave the alleged email and other nastiness to be resolved in the future.

Four years ago, I watched my husband go through the same situation we’re going through now. Charlie, you were so appalled at the aggressive and bullying behavior which forced Dave to retire, causing him a tremendous amount of physical and mental anguish, you stood up in his defense. And we were truly grateful for that. I’ve come to terms with that situation over the last couple of years, but now I see the same exact thing happening. As a side note, maybe there wouldn’t be so much discussion of retirees’ health benefits if he were still here doing the job he loved and was good at for 38 years. I wish someone had been here to stand up for Dave when he needed it – that’s why I feel compelled to speak up now.

How many of you are going to run term after term for the next 20 years? We are worried about the town of Mason and the direction it’s going due to an inexperienced board. Can you explain why three key employees have left and/or plan to leave – the office assistant, the road agent and the Admin. Assist., none of whom intended to leave or retire. These people have a vast amount of knowledge and relationships built with townspeople, state agencies and vendors and have operated their departments successfully up to now. With all due respect, four months of emergency work in the office does not make you an expert in running it or have a thorough understanding of exactly what needs to be done on a daily basis. You can look up RSAs but they only tell you what needs to be done and by when — not how to get it done. Why would you allow these veterans to leave? What are your plans to replace them? Good managers have good people who work for them – they don’t need to micromanage. When your terms are up, the town is left in the hands of inexperienced people who have had no mentorship or training.

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