Town Clerk’s Comments Lead to Further “Discussion”

The repercussions of the June 10, 2014 selectmen’s meeting are still reverberating.

At that meeting the Town Clerk’s simply read statement of her concerns regarding the town offices seems to have dropped a major bomb. We chose to take a wait and see attitude while waiting for the town clerk’s written statment or official minutes and let the Ledger Transcript scoop us (see bottom of this post).

Since then we have learned that the Transcript has filed a 91-A right-to-know request concerning various opinions expressed by the clerk. See here which is an email copy of the request.

The selectmen’s response to the Transcript request is here (warning lengthy scanned PDF).

At their June 24 review to approve the June 10 meeting minutes, the selectmen expressed their concerns that the Town Clerk’s written statement was not part of their record. So now the clerk seems to be “getting it” from all sides, and her expression of concern is not even the primary reason all of this is occurring!

The selectmen voted 2 approve and 1 abstain to approve the June 10 minutes. Maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel?

Needless to say, all the perceived and actual secrecy appears to us to be creating a chilling effect. The town’s former assistant to the administrative assistant has also expressed concerns for clarifications that have not been forth coming.

We have some sympathy for the current selectmen; however, this entire scenario started with a prior board of which at least two of the current selectmen were part. And the recent employee churn would seem to indicate this is not a one point problem.

We don’t have an answer. But proving who’s right already seems to be more costly than any potential resolution.

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