Historic District Hearing, Held March 23, 2014

The saga of the wood shed is moving along, related articles posted 2013-12-12 and 2014-01-23. The following is from the Selectmen’s minutes of March 23, 2014; alas the photos were not entered into the online record.

Mary and Mark MacDonald, Old Ashby Road, with Historic District Commission application.

By default, for lack of official Historic District Commission, the Selectmen act in that position.

From Mark and Mary McDonald:

  • presented photographs of wood shed as it was when a cease and desist order was received;
  • before building, they examined historically correct sheds and plans;
  • many details were followed, including lumber and square nails;
  • will be stained black to match carriage house;
  • roof is cedar shakes so will weather;
  • size 6′ by 12′ so no building permit was needed;
  • application into Mason Zoning Board for variance;
  • if denied, would sell shed;
  • appearance on property is their main consideration;
  • from 2013, hearing with Historic District Commission and Zoning Board of Adjustment on a separate building–are waiting for building to arrive;
  • clearing for landing was prepared when property was purchased;
  • Selectmen received a complaint regarding placement of woodshed being too close to the road.
  • Mr. and Mrs. MacDonald did not receive any complaints until woodshed was in place.
  • A plot plan is on file from last year showing leach fields and set backs.

Mrs. MacDonald: Did complainants ever complain in person? No, but Select Board received

From Select Board: Any building within 35 feet of road needs to go through Planning Board.

Select Board Chair closed hearing. Deliberated on request.

  • aesthetics and style quite acceptable;
  • consideration and concern is of placement;
  • variance needed for location.

Select Board Chair Moser made a motion to approve building design as presented, conditioned upon approval of variance Zoning Board of Adjustment.

Seconded by Bernie O’Grady. Unanimously approved.

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  1. Wentworth
    May 18, 2014 at 11:49

    Upcoming Zoning Board of Adjustment hearing May 19, 2014, see here.

    We suspect that the granite posts, granite curbing and the parked cars are more of a winter road hazard than the “wood shed” in the distance. Too bad its function isn’t “roadside stand”; at that point a different set of zoning criteria would apply. Click the photo for a closeup.

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