Cub Scouts, Maple Season 2014

The included photo, as well as others, apppeared in the February 24, 2014 Monadnock (caution three monthly views) Ledger. Since the Ledger appears to derive its living from taking and selling pictures of local events we won’t post all of them here.

Adults in the photo are (left to right) Don Hodges, Nancy (Anne) Richards and Cubmaster Bill Schongar. We are at a loss explaining the halo around Mr. Hodges and especially Ms. Richards heads (click on the photo for more detail).

Drilling holes in maple trees and harvesting the sap for sugar production is a long standing New England activity. As is the drilling pine trees for the creation of pine pitch sealant used in the making of birch bark canoes. Since the making of traditional canoes is now a rarified art form, the latter pitch making activity is in decline (unless used to buffalo the non-Yankees that seem to flock north for maple syrup every spring).

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