The Mason Historical Society Meeting

The Mason Historical Society is meeting on Wed., Jan. 8, 2014, at 7pm in the Mason Historical Society Room (Mann House, 16 Darling Hill Rd., Mason).

If you are new to town, please note that the Mason Historical Society and the Mason Historic Distric Commission are totally seperate entities and serve different purposes.

The Historical Society has an “office” in the Mann House. While it has and has had a close relation to the town, it is technically not a governmental organization.

The Historic District Commission is a governmental entity and currently implemented by the Board of Selectmen. It would be nice to see the the bylaws and/or regulations of the commission on the web or on file with the town clerk. To us it appears that recently its rules and regulations have been enforced in a haphazard manner, or at least or ignored without consideration for anything “historic”. Other opinions may vary.

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