More on Historical Sheds

The following is from the Selectmen’s minutes of November 26, 2013:

Review of Marla Berry’s letter of complaint concerning the shed on Old Ashby Road being erected by Mary McDonald. Marla Berry had also called on 11/26 to ask the progress of the Selectmen’s review into this issue. Bernie O’Grady thought that Mary McDonald is in the Historic district and also the set back is not in compliance. Selectmen decided to draft a letter to Mary McDonald saying she needs to contact the Board of Adjustment for review and also review of the Historic District regulations. Fred Greenwood, Highway is concerned about snow plowing that part of Ashby Road because of the structure being close to road.

Since the McDonalds appeared before the Zoning Board of Adjustment for “a shed” on Merriam Hill Rd which was approved, there seemed to be a bit of confusion (on our part at least) as to the status of a shed on Old Ashby Rd (around the corner). We contacted the McDonalds and they indicated that yes they put up a 6×12 post and beam wood shed on Old Ashby, but the only relation to it and the prior variance was that they moved a wood pile to make room for the construction of the Merriam Hill Rd. shed. The thought was that a second smaller and more conveniently placed shed would be preferable to a tarp covered wood pile. But maybe tarps are more historical; however, the saga continues…

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