Recreation Committee Minutes 2013-11-19

Mason’s Recreation Committee held a meeting on November 19, 2013 and posted its first set of minutes on the town’s web site on November 25.

This is the fastest flow of information we’ve seen to date and makes us wonder “what’s the hangup” for some of the other town boards? Some board’s meeting minutes take over 30 days to arrive on their respective sites.

So KUDO’s to the Recreation Committee. It would be nice if their actions set the standard for the rest of the town boards.

The meeting minutes can be found here. Unfortunately they appear to be in a pdf format that does not scale well on small screens, like your cell phone; however, they are not a scanned paper document which is tremendous progress when it comes to google indexing them properly. We even appreciate small details like a filename that puts the the date in year-month-day format (for those of you that don’t get the significance of this, try sorting a few years worth of minutes).

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