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Dave Morrison aboard Raisin Cain at our 2009 gymkhana day.

MANE, Mason’s local horse club, is still very active here in town and has recently welcomed some new members. If you are interested in seeing what we are all about or just feel like having some good food on August 21, the club will be holding a friendly potluck cookout (we provide the meat and drinks) and all are welcome.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our annual progressive ride on July 31 due to the extreme heat and awful deer flies we’ve had this summer. This is a fun social ride winding through town making stops at member homes. Each stop provides a different part of a meal winding up with dessert and aperitifs on Jeds Lane. This is an event many of us look forward to and, of course, it’s more than just about the food!

Throughout the year we have continued working to keep the local trails clear. We’re still clearing trails that were damaged in the 2008 ice storm but they are shaping up nicely. In particular, this year we have focused on a couple of the trails on the Bronson Potter conservation land up on Greenville Rd.

Networking through our extensive e-mail list has helped place horses in need and keeps club members aware of various equine deals and events. For fall we will have our second annual gym khana and have been planning a club-only ride.

A big thank you to the Anderson’s of Mason Hollow Nursery for allowing us to parade by on our annual moonlight ride in June. We’re glad you enjoyed the show and your gardens are beautiful. It was a fabulous night.

Our rides are typically members only but it’s easy and affordable to join. If you would like more information about MANE please go to or call Deb Morrison at 878-2080.

Amy J. Bergeron

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