Building Inspector Looks for Increased Rate and Assistant

The following is from the October 08, 2013 selectmen’s minutes. We apologize for being a month late, but ask your selectmen to post unapproved minutes if you desire “timely” news.

Eric Anderson, Building Inspector met with the Board to discuss his position as building inspector. He explained that he is not resigning as Building Inspector and has committed to one year in the position. The permitting business has been busier than he originally thought it would become and he feels that, at times, he may be losing money from his regular job to do this work. Mr. Anderson questioned the current hourly rate and stated that some surrounding towns pay $25 an hour for this position. Raising the rate could be an incentive to stay as BI.

The Selectmen set the pay rates and will consider changing the BI rate. He expressed again a need for an Assistant Building Inspector who could possibly be a replacement should he leave the position. The Assistant position will be advertised and the Board will interview applicants. A knowledge of building codes will definitely be a plus.

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