Virginia (Ginie) Miller Rafter

b. July 18, 1922 d. March 12, 2012

This is not Ginie’s ‘official’ obituary.  It is just my thoughts regarding one of Mason’s Treasures.  Ginie Rafter was a woman who did not think in terms of ‘women’s lib’ or ‘equal rights’ but why would she?  She knew that she could do anything, and better than most.  As a teacher, she was a no-nonsense, no holds barred, “you can do it” mentor to pupils and staff alike.  When it came to Mason, Ginie’s word was fact.  She had been here.  She kept records.  Never would one think of doubting Ginie as a resource for ANY historical or natural aspect of nature.  We have lost a Mason native.  A resource bar none. A true treasure.  I shall always remember Ginie, otherwise, she would be disappointed in me and we can’t have that.


Obituary in the Nashua Telegraph

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