Letter: No to SB2

It’s nearly March, which means it’s nearly time to vote again on whether Mason should become an SB2. I intend to vote no and I encourage all of you to do so as well. SB2 was a great idea in concept but in practice it isn’t living up to the promises made. Watching how SB2 has affected the school district these last two years has been a great learning experience.

Last year more than 100 people came to the deliberative session. This year it was under 50. Clearly the argument that SB2 will involve more people in the process is flawed. The changes that could legally be made to the budget at the SB2 School District Deliberative Session were also considerably more limited than the kinds of changes that could be made at a Town Meeting, so the argument that SB2 just means that Town Meeting gets renamed are also flawed.

I hear the arguments that Town Meeting is difficult to attend, that it’s long, that it’s frustrating. I much prefer that six hours of pain once a year in exchange for getting fine control over where we spend taxpayer money in our budget, rather than being forced to choose only between the proposed budget I don’t like and the default budget that I like even less.

Patricia Cross

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