Mason Town Election Postponed Due to Weather

Town of Mason Moderator Catherine Schwenk has announced that the Town of Mason and the Mason School District Elections have been postponed to Thursday, March 16, 2017, from 11:00 am to 7 pm at the Mason Town Hall. For more information, go to .

For those who cannot vote on Thursday, there is a special procedure to vote Tuesday by absentee ballot. Town Clerk Deb Morrison writes:

Due to the Town Election being postponed tomorrow, March 14, to Thursday, March 16, the Town Clerk will be available to accept absentee ballots during the storm on Tuesday until 5 pm. This will be the only day to do so and will not be permitted on Wednesday. The process will be as follows:

If you are not going to be available to vote in person on Thursday and would like an absentee ballot, call me on my cell phone at 541-0447 and let me know. I will meet you at the town hall with the absentee ballot request (which you will need to fill out) and the two absentee ballots. You can fill them out in your car and I’ll take them with me to be counted on Thursday.

Any questions, please feel free to call or email.



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