Political Press Release: Melanie Levesque

People 1st!

My name is Melanie Levesque. I am running for State Representative in Mason and Brookline NH. I am a wife, mother, small business owner and volunteer in my church and community. I have had privilege of serving Mason and Brookline for 3 non-consecutive terms in the NH State House. For the last 2 years, although not in office, I worked with many others to prevent the Kinder Morgan pipeline from harming our communities. This year with your support, I will represent you again!

“People 1st” is my motto! I believe we should invest in and support our people. Strengthening education and public schools, making college affordable, developing a skilled workforce, protecting the environment for our children’s future, standing for marriage equality, equal pay, and a secure retirement. When our people are strong our state and our country are strong, we are stronger together!

Before we are Republicans or Democrats we are people. Rather than creating barriers because of our differences and pitting people against each other, I look for the common bond we share. It is this belief that has allowed me to meet so many good people, care about their concerns, and many times provide the resources and support they need.

There are two Representatives who serve in Brookline and Mason. I highly endorse Gale Taylor. She is active in the community serving on the Economic Development Committee, Brookline Finance committee and Cemetery Trustee. Gale is full of energy, a good listener and will be a strong advocate for our District.

Election years can be contentious. Rather than tuning out, we need to stand for our values with our VOTE! Life is busy but the choices we make in this election will impact us and our children for years to come. We need every vote from every citizen! I will do my part as a representative who stands for you and your future. One who believes in People first!

Hon. Melanie Levesque
Brookline NH

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