Mason Quarry Regulation Enforcement Woes

August 23, 2016, Mason, NH – Seasonal Scripps Lane residents Robert Lipin and Evelyn Ellis spent well over an hour of the selectmen’s time detailing quality of life and other issues since the town took over ownership of the quarry. Other residents were also in attendance.

The ordinace can be found here.

Mr. Lipin suggested that the current ordinance enforcement was not working and could never work at the current level of funding for the police department. He also suggested a “speed bump” in Scripps Lane to slow down traffic.

Selectman O’Grady suggested that most of the issues would go away once the colder weather and start of school set in. Selectmen Moser questioned actual incident numbers and that perhaps a few bad events have been exploded out of context.

Town resident “sticker parking” and possible violator towing were considerdered (should a parking lot ever actually get built).

Selectchairman Lavoie offered to take as an action item establishment of a committee to revisit the ordinance. She suggested no more than 5 people, “otherwise nothing ever gets done”. Participants will be selected from town department/board heads and members of the public at large.

Police Chief Kevin Maxwell indicated that this was actually a good time to consider what level of police funding would be applied to patrolling the quarry area. Budget hearings for 2017 are scheduled to begin this September.

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  1. Wentworth
    August 24, 2016 at 18:38

    Looks like the Selectboard has run a flag of surrender up the old flag pole and the seasonal change to fall like weather not suitable to swimming will cut the outsiders use of the Quarry. Two years ago they promised a plan would be in place and the Police Dept would get the area under control. Where are the conservation committee members who promised to change the culture and run the hooligans out of town? We have an abandoned Quarry which falls into the category of a liability as do all the others out there. Now we have an ordinance that we can’t enforce because of limited resources and the fact that it is an immediate and present danger to our police officers. As Bob Lipin and Evelyn Ellis have pointed out , we the people of the neighborhood are being pushed out by the carloads of visitors that are not residents. Its great that Charlie Moser feels there are insufficient calls coming in, but why would you call when you are told there is no Officer on, or the Departments policy is to not respond. My thought is to blast it closed or to pump it dry putting the water into the surrounding wet lands. I will end with the words of Barry Hutchins who at his send off was being thanked by Barbara Devore for all his help with obtaining the Quarry as he looked over his shoulder and said words to the effect “. I don’t give a damn what you do with the Quarry. ”

    See folks , he went along to get along. Now the problem belongs to Mason, as far as the eye can see, You’re right the solution rests with the Police Department and providing them with enough money so we can focus a presence at the end of Scripps Lane during the swim season. The Chief is right also, the problem is even larger this summer, the solution is not a committee to pick up trash, my family has done it for years. This thing is costing the Town in many ways, there are many people sharing the same blind eye.

    Feel free to post .
    Kirk Farrell
    623 Brookline RD

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