Selectmen Announce New Road Agent

At their July 12, 2016 meeting the selectmen announced the name of Mason’s to be road agent. As occurred last summer, the search took a long time, and the town seems none the worse for the wear; although we note that an abscence of ditch upgrades on some of the repaved sections could bite the new agent in the future.

Dave Morrison has been appointed Mason Road Agent, effective August 1, 2016. Dave is no stranger to the department having started as a part time employee during the rake and shovel days under Curt Dunn’s tutelage. Dave grew from shovel operator to grader operator during that interval and retired from Mason in 2011.

However, Dave did not cease working. He went on to do a stint in Amherst, NH under Bruce Berry, former Mason Highway Dept. Mechanic/and second in charge, who is now the Amherst Director of Public Works; and subsequently to the Milford Highway Department where he is currently employed as “equipment operator”.

Dave has won an accolade or two in his time. We wish him well.

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