Kevin Avard Files for NH Senate

Kevin Avard filed for re-election for the New Hampshire Senate in District 12 which includes Greenville, Mason, New Ipswich, Rindge, and Nashua wards 1, 2 and 5. He has served one term in the Senate and currently serves on the Education Committee and the Health and Human Services Committee.

The following are Avard’s ratings by various organizations with which you may or may not agree:

Kevin Avard was rated 90% by Business and Industry Association (Positions)
Kevin Avard was rated 92% by New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (Positions)
Kevin Avard was rated 93% by National Rifle Association (Candidate Positions on Gun Rights)
Kevin Avard was rated 100% by New Hampshire Right to Life (Positions)

For source of the above and positions on individual legislative votes, see

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