Electricity Suppliers/Aggregators

You may or may not be aware that since 2001 NH residents and businesses could purchase electricity from alternate electricity producers to be delivered over the existing PSNH (now Eversource) wires. Not much changes but the cost of electricity.

“There are three types of electricity providers in NH. There is the utility itself which the default supplier, and then there are competitive suppliers and aggregators. At last count, there were 25 competitive suppliers and 90(!) aggregators (source here).

The first on the bandwagon to purchase electricity from someone other than PSNH were larger customers who could afford and had the clout to negotiate favorable deals for themselves.

Since 2012, the Nashua Regional Planning Commission has provided an aggregation service for towns and school districts within its region (follow prior NRPC link). The Mason School District has been on board for several years and had a costs saving of $3,027 in 2016. Not a lot, but every little bit helps; and considering that the NRPC does all the heavy lifting, it’s probably not a bad deal.

We note that in the June 14, 2016 Selectmen’s minutes (not yet online), this year the town has also decided to get on board.

Many options are now innundating our individual consumer mailbox. If this is of interest, we refer you to the “read the fine print” article in the Union Leader which goes into the occasional pitfalls.

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