Milford High Regional Accreditation

According to an interpretation at “The Cabinet” “Milford High School has received a generally good report from the regional school accreditation agency, although it noted areas of concern, including a school building that is failing in several areas.

We found the entire accreditation report on a Milford web site. The report was posted June 2016 according to it’s wordpress file name, but actually completed October 2015. Pretty timely as far as reports from school districts go.

One of The more serious deficiencies is technology investment. These are frequently costly; and no, one can’t just spend a lot money one year and expect it to last for a generation.

At least the Milford Report did not contain topics like “Five years, three schools, nine principals” which we have seen floating about elsewhere.

So on the whole it’s a good report. Maybe some of the local Mason folks could pitch in to address the simpler building issues. Well maintained buildings function quite a bit longer than ones with leaky roofs.

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