NED Pipeline Final Report Due May 26, 2016

Kinder Morgan submitted its intention not to go ahead with the NED pipeline to FERC, and “as a result, Tennessee respectfully requests that the Commission not take any further action in processing the Application, pending Tennessee submitting a status report to the Commission no later than May 26, 2016.”

So one nail in the NED project was the availability of the Spetra Energy 42″ pipeline. That pipeline is under construction, but the NIMBY’s are not done yet. See here for example.

“One, the very fact that it’s [the Spectra Pipeline] going near a nuclear facility, that raises questions,” says Avella. “Plus the fact is that these normal gas pipelines, first of all, we stopped hydrofracking here in New York state, why should we be taking now these pipelines from other states and mainly from Pennsylvania.”

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