2016 Town Voting (unofficial)

Town Article 1 officers:

Moderator: Catherine Schwenk 207
Selectman (contested): Joanne Birman 84
Bernard O’Grady 145
Supervisor Checklist Dorothy N. Millbrandt 210
Library Trustee Christine Weiss 200
Cemetery Trustee Ken Spacht 211
Trust Fund Trustee (3 year) George Schwenk 216
Trust Fund Trustee (2 year) Dorothy Minior 210

Article 2 Wellhead Protection: Yes 154, No 78
Article 3 Outdoor Lighting: Yes 174, No 62
Article 4 Definitions: Yes 152, No 79

School District Officers

Board Member (3 year) Dr. Christopher Guiry 178
Board Member (3 yr write in slot) Bradley Gilbert 13
Board Member (2 year) Jennifer Schongar 205
Treasurer Susan Schulman 208

Article 2 Accept reports: Yes 201, No 25
Article 3 Operating Budget: Yes 203, No 29
Article 4 Sped Capital reserve: Yes, 179, No 54

There appears to be a bit of confusion regarding the school board elected positions in other news outlets. So quite simply, when the ballot says “vote for two”, but there is only one unopposed name in the list, whomever is on “write in” line(s) can also be elected. Long story short, all three members listed above are now on the board

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