Mason Troop 264 Activities

Troop 264 is heading to the White Mountains this summer

By Drew Hodges, 1st Class Scout, BSA Troop 264

Your Mason Troop 264 is an active troop. This July we are going to the White Mountains! It is going to be nine days of fun and excitement. Our base camp will near Wild Cat Mountain at Dolly Copp. Some nights we will be sleeping in AMC huts (Appalachian Mountain Club). We will be hiking to Carter Dome, Lake of the Clouds, Zealand Falls, Lonesome Lake and other sites. Our other activities include Zip lining, canoeing, and more! We’re going to leave Saturday morning July 23 to the 31st. The drive is about 3 hours long, but it’s worth the long drive.

Back in February Troop 264 went to the Klondike derby. My patrol, the Hedgehogs, did not use a tent but built a shelter and slept in it! We had our own sled and the patrol of older scouts, The Incredibles patrol, had one also. We pulled it to all sorts of challenges. We also went to Camp Wanochsett in the summer. Last May we went to West Point Camporee in New York. It was like the Klondike but no snow no sled and more Army related challenges. There were people parachuting out of a helicopter and a huge party at the end. We also camp out here in Mason. If you want to be a part of the Mason Boy Scouts, you can ask to join at the next town meeting. We will be doing the opening flag ceremony there.

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