Stone Walls and FERC

A 67 page issuance of Kinder Morgan questions from FERC in preparation for its April 2016 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Northeast Energy Direct Project was posted at the FERC E-Libray Freburary 26, 2016. Once the EIS is complete, more public input will be accepted. You can find the process flowchart here.

The PDF is searchable, so as a rough check we scanned for “New Hampshire”, “Mason”, “Amherst” and a couple of other towns along the pipeline route. However, what is of equal significance are those comments previously entered into the e-library that did not reach the level of significance for FERC to post a question to Kinder Morgan.

Mason reference:

Address comments, such as one by Joe McGuire (20151016-4050) and the Town of Mason, New Hampshire (20151015-5110) that are concerned about how construction would impact property boundaries that are fieldstone walls built around agricultural fields and referenced in property deeds. Provide any information from coordination efforts with the appropriate state historic preservation offices on the mitigation and treatment plans.

It is with some irony that we note that Mason’s Master Plan also gives much weight to its historic walls.

Dirt roads, vast forested areas, scenic views, historic landmarks, stone walls, pristine streams, and small town character are highly valued by the citizens of Mason. Our vision is one where all of these valuable assets are protected; for once they are lost, they cannot be replaced.

But literally, where the rubber meets the road, actual highway department maintenance seems to prioritize our citizens getting to work on time in winter over preservation and/or restoration of “accidentally damaged” walls. Maybe FERC will require more accountability?

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