Well it has been a very soft winter for me personally and professionally due to the mild weather. The local deer population is in great shape and i have an inkling that so is the local tick population. Several years ago I started to spray my hunting duds with Permethrin. I exit the woods carrying no ticks, prior to this they (family) picked at me like I had fleas, though ticks are probably worse. The whole family designates a couple pairs of pants and shirts and i take them outside and spray, let dry and then 24 hours later you are protected. They claim its good through 6 washes, we will retreat after 3 or 4. Its available at County Stores, Walmart and most sporting good stores. Be safe while still being outdoors. These tick born diseases are a real menace to people and to pets, our dog had it even after vaccinations and tubes of Frontline.

Take Care Kirk

Wiki reference for Permethrin.

The local moose population and deer ticks combination is really bad news… see here.

Locally, we’re about to try adding to our own collection of feathered friends… although marching through the woods with a flock of those might be awkward… and, well, among other qualities, they are a bit single minded…

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