NH PUC Question’s Town of Merrimack’s Membership in NHMPC

From the NH Public Utilities, Liberty Docket DG 15-494, February 16, 2016 “clarification order” (source here):

Specifically, based on the existing record, the Commission grants the Coalition’s intervention on behalf of the towns of Milford and Litchfield, and, if the town becomes a member of the Coalition before non-company testimony is filed, the town of Merrimack.

So the Gazette has New Hampshire Municipal Pipeline Coalition letter heads were Merrimack is listed as a member of the “Coalition”. Perhaps not all the legal i’s and t’s were dotted and crossed and/or the membership and fees are still in dispute? Or maybe the NHPUC is just making a mistake?

None of the other coalition towns have been allowed intervenor status. That would seem to imply that arguments like “no benefit to the town” will not be made or heard.

“What is being paid for” confusion happens when towns just throw money over the wall and hope things will work out for the best. When our primary source of information are NHPUC filings, where’s the Coalition’s accountability to the tax payers? Where are the minutes for this organization of which Mason is a card paying member? Where are the books?

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