Mason School Board, Monday February 15, 2016

Superintendent elect, Kristen Kivela presented the Mason Elementary School video submission made to the EDIES as Mason’s entry into “elementary school of the year” for the current year at the school board’s February meeting. The video featured some of our finest students navigating the camera person (presumably a staff member) through a spoken guided tour of the building, its classrooms, student interviews and MANY after school activities.

According to the principal’s report on the school site (Ms. Kivela is also principal):

On February 2nd Mrs. Mann, Mrs. Ringer, Mr. McCormick, Dr. Guiry, and myself went to Concord to present in front of the EDies board in the next step in the process of becoming Elementary School of the Year. We shared with them an amazing movie about our school that we made over a two week period. They were very impressed with our school but sadly we were not chosen to move to the next round in the competition. I would like to give special thanks to Mrs. Ringer for all the hard work she put into taping and editing the movie. She went above and beyond.

We happen to agree that the video was nicely done. It could be used as a promotional video to attract tuition students to Mason Elementary to offset some of the costs of educating around 10 students per grade. But a low student count is one of the reasons why Mason is so attractive; however, perhaps bumping that to 15 would not hurt?

Unfortunately, due to privacy and other permission considerations, the video will not be available on the school’s web site.

In other matters, Ms. Kivela presented the recommended price increases for the cafeteria for the 2016-2017 school year, which were approved by the three board members present:

current new
Breakfast 1.70 1.80
Snack/Milk 0.45 0.50
Lunch 2.45 2.50
Staff Lunch 3.75 4.00
Non-Staff Adult 5.00 5.00

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