One Man’s Stuff Is His Neighbor’s Junkyard

One man’s stuff is his neighbor’s junkyard. The first clue of this process usually starts with obscure entries in the police logs like “advised party on Timbuktu road on a civil matter”. Yet disputes between neighbors about the “cleanliness” of their yards are seldom civil.

So at their February 8, 2016 meeting, the selectmen approved a rather lengthy tome to one of our citizens written by town attorney Bill Dresher. Is our citizen running an automobile repair business, is he running a junkyard, … what’s with all the spare parts lying in the front yard?

This has nowhere to go but downhill. The Gazette is temporarily withholding the location until we are certain that the affected party has heard via U.S. Mail. Although we did drive down another road last Friday and thought “hey, that would qualify too”.

For now, just add it to the list of unresolved “neighborly” disputes… it’s only more money for the lawyers.

1 comment for “One Man’s Stuff Is His Neighbor’s Junkyard

  1. staff
    February 16, 2016 at 14:36

    I applaud your publishing this story. It is a shame that the selectmen
    only “selectively” enforce the town zoning bylaws!

    There are surely many obvious violations abound. Cheers to you!

    Richard Wilborg
    Brookline Road

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