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Patricia Renee Pina

Dear Mason Selectman:

Last evening at the meeting I inquired again about registering to vote with the town clerk Deb Morrison . I was told I did not qualify and I disagreed and left the office again having issue with something that should be so simple to do as a USA citizen .

Debbie told that when I came in last night to register that I could not register I did not met the requirements and I was sent way .

I asked her if I could fill out the domicile affidavit to register to vote as a civil right as a USA citizen and she told me no I needed what Suzzane who I have had numerous issues with in the clerks office had posted on the wall in the office while I disagreed and I was sent away and unable to register to vote last night . I clearly don’t understand why I am having a hard time with the town clerks office again and again over normal civil right to vote in a up coming federal election it is my civil right that she is now impeding and tampering with my right to vote in the state of New Hampshire In a up coming federal election.

The matters with this elected official are growing and have not been addressed and they will and need to be this concerns me that is continuing still with every visit to my new town I am not going to allow this to happen to me with out exposing this to press and federal government voting official she can’t do this to me

In the way of background, we are aware that over the past several months, at least two other complaints have been filed against town officials/employees. At least one of which was partially substantiated, although the Selectmen’s minutes indicate that the selectmen could not comment further.

In an e-mail reply regarding registrations, Selectman Moser indicated that the issue had been “resolved” noon the following day, but that doesn’t explain why intervention was called for in the first place.

The selectmen have swept complaints under the executive session carpet as quickly as possible. This does injustice to parties on all sides and the wounds just fester.

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