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Right-to-Know New Hampshire is tracking all Right-to-Know bills before the 2016 Legislature. Last week the New Hampshire General Court opened the 2016 legislative session. As usual, there are several Right-to-Know bills this year. Four bills have carried over from last year, 1 Legislative Services Request (LSR) was withdrawn and 12 other bills are new for a total of 17 bills.

To make it easier to track the bills this year, we’ve added a new top-level tab on the RTKNH blog or named Bills. This tab shows a list of all the RTK bills. You can easily get details about each bill by clicking on the links. The title opens the latest version. Under Status are links to the bill status and docket pages as well as various versions of the bill as it is amended. We will update these links as the bills progress through the legislature.

For each bill we also include the position RTKNH has taken on that bill. We support 7 bills outright, including the 3 bills we proposed (HB 1417, HB 1418, and HB 1419). We support an additional 2 bills but recommend an amendment. We provide limited support to 2 bills to the extent they extend the citizen’s Right to Know. Another 2 bills are far enough off the mark that we oppose them, though we support the concepts. We oppose 2 bills outright as well. We take no position on the remaining 2 bills. Any way you look at it, we have our work cut out for us again this year!

Be sure to check in regularly to the new Bills tab to get up to date on the latest on these Right-to-Know bills.

More information about Right-To-Know New Hampshire can be found at righttoknownh.wordpress.com or email us at righttoknownh@gmail.com (mailto:righttoknownh@gmail.com)


David Saad, President of RTKNH
184 Wheeler Lane, Rumney NH
(508) 641-7351

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