NED: Mason Selectmen Petion to Intervene

With very colorful language using words like “slashed”, “ravaged” and “saddled” the Mason Selectmen have filed their petition to intervene in the NED pipeline process at the latest possible moment (see here). Seems our selectmen would prefer a “shopping mall or townhouse enclave” to a pipeline; although we’ve never heard of anyone building a shopping mall on top of a natural gas pipeline.

We read in the Monadnock Ledger that the Rindge Selectmen are considering dickering with Kinder Morgan on a wetlands mitigation plan. It appears those late to the mitigation party will have to fight over the table scraps and, at least the Rindge Selectmen, appear not to want to be in the late boat. A similar attitude by Amherst has been reported in this blog.

So the Mason process may be akin to a high stakes all or nothing poker game. If building of the NED pipeline collapses under its own weight, the Mason selectmen will be praised as heroes. If national interests deem the pipeline to be a useful thing, then being late to the mitigation process might look very foolish indeed.

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  1. applehill2015
    January 16, 2016 at 12:45

    Mason FERC Atty Carolyn Elefant prepared
    A Stunning Intervention Motion!
    Articulate decisive and remarkably factual
    Refutation of need and scathing proof of disproportionate treatment of Mason based on sketchy misleading & insufficient KM misinformation- she nails the lateral as a needless
    Excersise in Destruction of our Town environs &
    Way of Life – A + submission!

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