School District Hearing Monday January 11, 2016

The Mason School Board will unveil the superintendent’s proposed 2016-17 budget and default budget at its January 11, 2016 6:30 meeting.

This is your last chance for input before any legally binding changes are made at the deliberative session. An “electronic” version of the proposed budget of $3,117,671.86 can be found here; and the proposed default budget of $3,118,029.51 here.

Note the obvious, that the default budget is higher than the proposed budget, so no new programs or reinstatement of once existing programs are being proposed.

We would also like to thank the superintendent for correcting what appeared to us to be errors in the December 21, 2015 budget handout (so if you happen to be among the handful of people that attended that meeting and got those, discard them). The newly posted versions are as anticipated in a really dreadful format, but it’s better than facing a paper handout at next Monday’s meeting and trying to wing it on the fly.

The warrant articles, aside from the large number of vacancies on the school board, are mostly boiler plate. A prior article to add $5000 from surplus (if there is one) to the Building Maintenance Fund has been withdrawn.

Regarding unfinished rants, the Gazette has been waiting so long for a posting of the November 16, 2015 minutes, that we appear to have forgotten why we were interested. However, stalling is the point isn’t it?

In other political season notes, the “Superintendent Requests that the School be CLOSED on Tuesday, February 9th for Primary Day, and Wednesday, February 10th will be a full day (originally was a ½ day)”

So long story short, in this day and age, the students need to be evacuated from the building so the voting riff raff does not disturb them (or worse). And yes, the students did seem to get cheated out of another ½ day of education.

Updated to include a link to the newly posted school district warrant articles

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