Micromanagement 101 continued

At the December 12, 2015 Mason Budget review of fire department expenses, selectman Moser indicated that “the Board does not like to see line items funded and not used – Chief Baker agreed, saying he hopes to get some people through this month to use some of the 2015 funding.”

So viola, at the December 22, 2015 selectmen’s meeting, Chief Baker came forth with several proposals for the repair of the station doors, replacement helmets, turnout gear, etc. He produced several invoices (bids) for work not done yet, but suggested that the funds be encumbered and come out of the 2015 budget.

Mr. Moser seemed to get a bit of heartburn as he blurted out that “these are not [the use it or lose it] kind of expenditures the selectmen like to see at the end of the year”.

However, the selectboard did vote to encumber $3360 for various, but not all, of the chief’s use of his residual funds.

The chief reiterated that it was long standing tradition to fund for a possible mechanical breakdown, but return it to the general fund if said did not occur. He was only following the selectmen’s/advisory budget committee’s recommendations; yet the selectmen didn’t seem to like that either.

After the matter had been mostly settled and Fire Chief Baker had left, Mr. Moser panned “I hope my house doesn’t catch fire tonight”.

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