Driverless Cars: Google vs. Uber

So here we go, according to a Bloomberg article Google plans to add a driverless car division to it’s new alphabet soup creation (really, read the article, we’re not kidding).

But Mason is just barely out of the horse and buggy age (matter of fact it shows every sign of regressing back to horse travel). However, rather than lament about the futility of the “5 year road improvment plan” we’d like to offer some different suggestions.

Take for example the town’s inability to fill a highway department opening requiring a Class B CDL license. Does a “driverless truck” need one of those? Why hire a driver at all?

The organization that cracks driverless snowplowing operation will probably make a fortune. With proper GPS coordinates, just think of all the mailboxes and stone walls that would not be destroyed.

GPS tracking for snow removal is already underway see here.

And if farmers can harvest their fields automatically (that’s called “hands free” not “driverless”), what’s so hard about snow on the roads?

Simply mind boggling…

…But back to reality… here at the Gazette we’re still struggling with getting a decent internet connection so we can order our stuff online. The chance of a driverless delivery UPS truck is probably greater than reliable broadband connectivity.

And forget those amazon drone things. The running joke around here is that if you take down one of those annoyances with a shotgun, you get to keep the goody it’s carrying.

2 comments for “Driverless Cars: Google vs. Uber

  1. Bazil
    December 16, 2015 at 14:36

    We have a lot of roads in Mason that are more dirt paths in the woods. Also the positioning of some roads is also highly inaccurate. What about horrible weather? Last winter there was an ice storm. I tried driving up a hill on a curved dirt road. The surface was nothing but solid wet ice (it was difficult to even stay standing on it). The car got about half way and started sliding back down backwards. It’ll be interesting to see how driverless cars will handle those things.

    • Wentworth
      December 16, 2015 at 15:00

      LIDAR … we’ve been looking for the local library to stock something simple about it, this for example.

      While LIDAR is primarily used for atmospheric measurements, one should not under estimate its potential.

      Then again, given the Mason conservation’s commission’s hostility to putting up a mirror on Eaton’s Hill, reflectors on the side of the road probably wouldn’t happen here.

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