$1,200 Delineator Post

The following montage ends with a delineator post that could have saved the town $1,200 had it been there in the first place.


So what’s going on here? The history, sad to say, has a deep legacy of conflict between the “need for speed” and Mason’s Master plan that cherishes stone walls, but only gets lip service from various town departments.

We don’t care that much what Mason’s master plan says; however, we have no need for speed, so message to the highway department, “please leave our stone walls alone”.

The event chronicled in the photos occurred the spring of 2015. We’ve had such events before, but the then selectmen blew us off with statements like “yes he destroyed our walls too”. We got left holding the bag trying to lift rocks back into place. This time the town topped off 45′ of our wall and left us two parallel sets of stones. We were not amused and quite frankly we are getting too old for the annual put the stones back fandango.

The lovely wall reconstruction that took us close to a year to negotiate is shown in the last photo. We would be happy to recommend the builder should you wish to fight your own battle.

Ironically, the newly placed delineator post might have prevented said damage, but next year will tell. We got the distinct impression from last town meeting’s defeat of “the road creep” article that the town is more interested in wide roads than stone walls and other scenic virtues. We like our walls and beg to differ.

Curiously, the town intends to investigate the wall damage as an insurance claim. Around here this sort of thing happens annually and all we have to say is “insurance claim, really”?

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  1. thauri
    December 14, 2015 at 17:28

    Plowing stone walls? No wonder the road agent is always begging for new equipment at town meeting.

    Ted Hauri

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