Fairpoint Phone Book Takes a Hit

We read in the Union Leader that Mason Selectman Moser is concerned about the economic viability of Kinder Morgan and their proposed pipeline(s) through town. However, since there’s pretty close to a zero chance of gas delivery to Mason, we would consider that the main concern would be that Kinder Morgan would post sufficient bond to cover closing of any trenches that they open.

And the same week the Union Leader also publishes an article with the catchy first line “Let your fingers do the walking … to the Internet.”

What, Fairpoint is having economic viability issues as well? Not worth publishing complete residential numbers?

We wish Fairpoint had left bigger margins in the old book, since our pencil updates in ours are already full…

Oh the horrors of it all. There are still a few of us that don’t have access to any reasonably priced internet other than lame high cost wireless or satellite connections.

Not that we consider Fairpoint’s offering to the rest of the town state of the art, but it would be tremendously ironic if more tax payers were to experience our plight.

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