Letter: Proposed Mason NH Ordinance


The mason pipeline committee is very close to having a drafted ordinance to bring before the town meeting. Monday nights we have a meeting at the church starting at 7. This week we will be looking for signatures to petition for said ordinance. We hope to have copies to distribute or at the very least copies to review, attached to the petition as is the law. Any one interested can attend. Its a way to run another flag up the opposition pole. If you are a pipeline proponent you can attend also. On another note Liberty Utilities just announced a 35% decrease in the cost of gas for the winter, does this sound like a supply issue to any one out there? Does this defy the economics of supply and demand? Remember when Seabrook station was proposed, some said the electricity would be so cheap it would defy metering it. Free gas now! Maybe we ought to build this pipeline.


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  1. Wentworth
    December 6, 2015 at 17:11

    You mean this cost lowering expansion into Swanzey, Winchester, Jaffrey and Rindge already filed at the NH PUC here?

    The service will come from Keene, where Liberty’s company officials say they plan to convert the city’s more than 100-year-old propane-air mixture distribution system to carry compressed or liquefied natural gas. The change would allow Liberty Utilities to expand the distribution system to north and west Swanzey in the coming years, according to company officials.

    Licata said the natural gas coming from Keene to Swanzey would be more expensive than if it came from a pipeline because it has to be trucked in to supply the Keene system. But the natural gas could come down in price, if the system is eventually connected to the pipeline, he said.

    Full article Keene Sentinel (1 of 5 views)

    If you look carefully at the NHPUC docket under 15-442 you will see that the NH Municipal Pipeline coalition has already filed to stop any expansion by Liberty Utilities.

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