Ayotte Got the Pipeline Message

The following is from a Nashua Telegraph paywall article:

U.S. Sen. Kelly Ayotte came out against the controversial Kinder Morgan Northeast Energy Direct natural gas pipeline during a conference call on Tuesday, saying there remain too many unanswered questions about the project.

The Nashua Republican said unless a series of basic questions are addressed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, she could not support the roughly 419-mile pipeline, about 78 miles of which are in New Hampshire, moving forward. Ayotte was critical of the federal agency for not directly answering inquiries regarding any possible threshold determination related to public need and a proper review of all natural gas projects in the region.

She also asked how FERC plans to take into account public comments from New Hampshire residents about the project, including safety concerns, and the role of the Pipeline Hazardous Material Safety Administration, which establishes national policy and sets standards for the industry.

Constituents have raised real concerns about this, and “these are very important, legitimate questions that should be answered,” said Ayotte, who is up for re-election next year and is anticipating a high-profile race against current Gov. Maggie Hassan, a Democrat.

“And in my view, unless and until these questions … are sufficiently answered and the concerns of local residents are meaningfully addressed, I oppose this project going forward,” she said.

Our prior Ayotte article here. Democratic presidential candidate Sanders has also made similar noises. Strange bedfellows indeed.

Now if Senator Ayotte could put her weight behind legislation that would fix Obamacare instead of just repealing it, she might have a long and prosperous future (our opinion).

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  1. cloudnavigator
    December 2, 2015 at 15:11

    Well, Congresswoman Kuster opposes NED because there are “unanswered” questions. Does she mean she will stop opposing NED if the “unanswered” questions are answered? Suppose the questions of her constituents are “meaningfully addressed” but no one likes the answers? What does the Congresswoman do then? Meaningfully addressed sound like weasel words. There are Congressional elections next November, and any incumbent who wants to be re-elected will publicly opposed the NED pipeline project or face possible defeat at the hands of their constituents. Being opposed to NED is not enough.

    The problem is FERC and its regulatory capture by the energy utilities who pay FERC fees to approve their projects. What our Congressional delegation needs to do is hold investigate hearings on FERC and its backwards and narrowly focused process for approving projects. At issue is FERC’s apparent ability to flaunt federal, state and local environmental regulations. FERC needs tough Congressional oversight because it is broken, and its actions are a threat to our constitutional rights and liberties as citizens of the United States of America. FERC is the problem.

    • Wentworth
      December 5, 2015 at 14:58

      We are always amazed by the carefully crafted political statements that can be read as support by both sides of any issue. Lots of facebook silo thinking going on as said statements are repeated.

      We’re glad you are among those that can see through the fog… or more lyrically put:

      I have squandered my resistance
      For a pocketful of mumbles,
      Such are promises
      All lies and jest
      Still, a man hears what he wants to hear
      And disregards the rest.

  2. Wentworth
    December 3, 2015 at 11:40

    An expanded article from the Union Leader.

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