MES: Kudos for a job well done…

The Gazette occasionally trolls the Mason, NH school web site for information. However, the “front page” appears to be under the control of the administration, it’s not until one digs down a little deeper that one finds the google back doors.

Take for example the December posting for Grade 2

The above link is December’s winner in our random ‘check out the site’ contest. However, We hate to pick one grade over the other. Most of the teachers postings provide much more information for the students than what is available from the school board section for the rest of us.

There’s also the “Mason Mustang Messenger” which is not to be confused with the “Mason Mustang Newsletter”. The former appears to be written by the kids under the tutelage of an anonymous teacher, the latter is a product of the administration. Guess which we prefer, and good luck hunting for them on the school’s web site.

Subscribing to the SAU 89 Email List at works out pretty well for notifications of school activities at the elementary school.

This post has been corrected to include a missing quote which really made a mess of it… arg…

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