No Phone? Couldn’t Happen Here…

Our random search of items of interest that might relate to Mason, NH, yielded the following:

Ever since, the phone companies, with their slower ADSL connections, have continued to lose market share, while their network overheads have remained stubbornly high. Inevitably, the high cost of providing internet access to a dwindling number of ADSL users has had to be borne by the only other telephone customers not paying flat rates—ie, those who make international and certain other long-distance calls.

As is to be expected, the competitive forces the carriers face are taking their toll. Fixed-line operators everywhere are resigned to the loss of not just the internet-access market, but also the long-distance telephone business. Within the next few years, VoIP-based video chat and conferencing is set to become the dominant mode of communication. All the phone companies can do in the meantime is milk their long-distance services until they have to turn off the lights and shut the door.

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Fairpoint is out of bankruptcy right?

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