Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

The November 3, 2015 Selectmen/PAC meeting, which was not noticed on the web, did however produce minutes. This differentiates it from the September 22 meeting which was noticed, but still has no posted minutes. And a possible meeting September 29 which has neither.

Some of the November 3 discussion concerned a sign which was captured digitally here. The minutes indicate that:

Bob Dillberger raised the subject of the 4×8 sign removed from the front of the church. He asked the BOS to consider posting the sign on the Town Common. Discussion concluded political signs cannot be posted on town land. In addition, the dimensions of the sign violate zoning requirements.

Well isn’t that special? The photo for this article was taken today and the hideous sign bears a remarkable resemblance to one on the north end beautifying our neighborhood (photo posted here). New apparitions on the town common never cease to amuse us.

We think the original was more aesthetic even in its illegality.

On a related note, we recently had occasion to travel up Valley Road and noticed a new set of “Burma Shave” style signs. For those that don’t get the reference, these are a series of small signs along a road containing memorable jingles advertizing a product. They once relieved our monotony during various tedious journeys out west where the roads are straight and civilizations distractions are few and far between.

We’re not sure reading them while dodging traffic up valley road was particularly safe. The last sign in Mason said something like “It’s not Natural Gas it’s Fracked Gas”.

Fact check: Natural Gas is primarily methane, which is the same stuff that comes out of swamps and the rear end of bovines (the animal that contributes significantly to atmospheric methane and a product called “hamburger”). So while fracking is a process and not a gas, we suppose the end result of getting it out of the ground could be called “Fracked Gas”.

But what’s the antibiotic laced bovine emission equivalent called?

Some organizations are just above the law?

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