Ongoing Mason Ordinance Creation

November 18, 2015 Mason, NH – The planning board had an informational session with the conservation commission regarding a donation of land to the commission that would involve a lot line adjustment. The conservation commission received directions for the standard planning board drill: contact NRPC to establish a hearing date, get list to notify abutters, certified mailings, etc…

The main order of business was a hearing for the two newly proposed “Aquifer and Wellhead Protection Overlay District”, and “Outdoor Lighting” Ordinances. The board reviewed and integrated written proposals from the selectmen. Only specific comments were accepted, as in “please suggest alternate wording and don’t just say you don’t like it”.

Selectman Moser was present to translate his notes, Selectman Lavoie (the planning board representative) relayed Selectchair O’Grady’s comments.

Main sticking points again were definitions cloned from elsewhere, specifically of prohibited “feed lot”. Board member Dotsie Millbrandt pointed out that with New Hampshire’s snow cover likely to exceed 45 days, most anyone with animals could be construed as a feed lot. Member Eric Anderson indicated that he didn’t think it was a good idea for the Mason building inspector to follow the New Ipswich building inspectors lead running around knocking on doors telling people what they should or shouldn’t do with their manure piles.

Funny how everybody seems to know what a feedlot is, but nobody has been successful at defining one. Visions of charts that one horse has the same impact as 100 egglaying chickens raced through more than a few people’s heads.

Since changes were made to the wording of both ordinances, there will be yet another hearing. The selectmen present were happy, and the lighting ordinance may be completed the next round. The Aquifer protection ordinance appears destined for a few more rounds.

The Gazette would like to remind officials that the town website postings of planning board minutes are only current through July.

Hard to design an ordinace that doesn’t apply to us

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